Banding Report: Sunday, December 11

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Banding Report: Sunday, December 11

Here is Nancy Cox's banding report.

Interestingly, despite the low numbers in the flocks, all three species are represented among the 22 rosy-finches newly banded so far this winter. Thanks, Nancy!

Remember that there will be NO BANDING next Sunday, December 18 because of the CBC.

I will update the banding schedule at this link as soon as it is finalized.

Hi Ken,

We seem to be stuck on number 7.  We banded newly banded another 7 Rosy-Finches today.  This time we banded 4 Brown-capped, 1 Gray-crowned (interior) and 2 Blacks.

We also caught 3 Blacks that we originally banded in the winter 2010-2011.

The flock is still small.  The Crest House crew are seeing about 16 Rosy-Finches at a time.

We did band a hatch year Hairy Woodpecker today.  That is always a crowd pleaser.

The three-toed woodpeckers are still being seen in the area but no Pine Grosbeaks were seen.