Banding Report JAN 11: 35 captured, including a "two-faced" Gray-crowned!

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Banding Report JAN 11: 35 captured, including a "two-faced" Gray-crowned!

This is the Banding Team's report from Sunday, January 11. A "two-faced" Gray-crowned and two 5th year recaptures were among the 35 captures:

Hi Ken,

Today was a very good day.  Twenty-seven Rosy-Finches were newly banded.  There were 18 Blacks, 6 Brown-capped, and 3 Gray-crowned Rosy-Finces banded.  One Gray-crowned was a Hepburn’s and one was an interior but the third one was unusual.  One side of her face looked like an interior race but the other side looked like a Hepburn’s.

Two females were recaptured from previous seasons. They are now in their 5th year.  One was a Black and the other one was a Brown-capped.  Six more Rosy-Finches were recaptured from this winter season.

So in total there were at least 35 Rosy-Finches at the Crest House today.  Twenty-four were Blacks, 7 were Brown-capped and 4 were Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches.  It was so foggy it was impossible to know what the actual flock size was.

The road up to Capulin Springs was mostly dry but with several wet spots.  From there to the top, the road was snow packed.

Nancy & Steve Cox